Mindspan offers a wide array of consulting and product services to clients by focusing on three primary concepts: Visibility, Usability, and Flexibility.



You may have the greatest product or service on the planet, but if few people are aware of its existence, how successful do you think it will be?


Mindspan addresses your visibility needs by utilizing a comprehensive suite of techniques and tools including pre-launch marketing, product positioning, creative generation, photography and video production, search engine optimization, social media strategies and implementation, SEM and other pay-per-click vehicles, mobile marketing, and much more. If you need your product to be front and centre, you need Mindspan.



While your product or web design might look very polished and attractive, that doesn't necessarily translate into happier users or drive more sales.


By employing a variety of methodologies including human factors analysis, A/B testing, focus groups, and live user testing, when combined with deep analytics, we discover the true effect of your efforts on your intended audience. We then are able to fine tune them thereby maximizing your impact, increasing conversions. If you want to provide your users with an intuitive experience, and your prospects with an easy route through the conversion funnel, Mindspan can definitely help.



Flexibility in design is a broad concept covering so many disciplines, it's difficult to know where to start. On the web for example, there are so many mediums by which your content may be accessed these days; are you sure you're being seen in the best light? Are you able to add content easily, without requiring countless hours of coding? Do your materials automatically adjust their presentation based on what device is being employed to view them? Should they? What about offering an app to mobile viewers instead? What's the best approach?


From a product perspective, has yours been architected with extensibility in mind? Will adding new features require a radical redesign of the user interface? How best do you undertake change management with your user-base? What happens if your product takes off in terms of popularity? Is it prepared to handle the load? Are you? All Mindspan's design and re-engineering efforts place great emphasis on implementation of appropriate architecture at the beginning of the process. A proactive approach leads to significantly lower costs (and substantially fewer headaches) over time.  Prepare to succeed with Mindspan.

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