Mindspan offers a wide array of consulting and product services to clients by focusing on three primary concepts: Visibility, Usability, and Flexibility.



They say a picture is worth a thousand words  — and video is thousands of pictures!

Product Management

Data-driven product management is a primary area of focus for Mindspan. If your team needs a certified Product Manager, Mindspan has you well in hand.

Digital Marketing

Be it pay-per-click platforms, search engine optimization, or online retargeting, Mindspan has you covered.

Cloud Services

With flexibility unfortunately often comes complexity. Let Mindspan take the pain out of server management.

iOS Development

Mindspan offers custom development services in both Swift and Objective-C for all Apple devices.

Android Apps

Mindspan additionally offers development services in Java for all Google Android OS mobile devices.

Social Media

Your social media presence is vital to success in today's digital marketplace. Let Mindspan help.

A/B Testing

Small changes can generate dramatic returns. Mindspan conducts A/B testing on its products to boost results.


Mindspan offers an extensive suite of consulting services designed to help your organization get the most out of its technology investment.



In order that your product or service be noticed amid the clutter of today's digital world, the deployment of strategies across a wide variety of disciplines is often required. Mindspan's service offering is designed to maximize your impact, both in advance and subsequent to product launch. These include:


- Social Media Presence Management

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

- Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

- Content Generation (textual, photographic, video)

- Creative Generation (advertising)

- Product Positioning

- Competitive Analysis

- Mobile Campaign Management

- Online Campaigns

- Offline Media Campaigns


If your product or service needs a clear path to your prospects, you need Mindspan.



Designing a product that not only creates an aesthetically pleasing experience for your users, but one wherein they are able to easily accomplish all tasks and access all features available to them can definitely be a daunting task. Often designers find themselves too close to the subject matter, and are quite surprised when they see how their creations are being utilized in the real world. Objective, third-party assessment is key to understanding where your product is succeeding in achieving its goals, and where additional attention is required. Mindspan's usability services include:


- Usability Testing

- Focus Group Testing

- Pre-production Testing

- Quality Assurance

- Documentation / Help Design

- Training


Your product or service might be perfectly suited to your users needs and the technology environment of today, but what about tomorrow? Will you need to radically alter its specifications in order to capitalize on emerging trends or outpace competitors? Does your IT infrastructure support robust growth or dynamic market conditions? Mindspan designs all its solutions with maximum flexibility as a primary goal, while observing the budgetary constraints of our clients. A partial list of Mindspan's services that the notion of flexibility encompasses would be as follows:


- IT Needs Assessment

- IT Architecture Design & Deployment

- Multi-platform Content Generation and Testing

- Mobile Content and App Development

- Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Planning

- Threat and Risk Assessment

- Deliverability Assurance (Email Campaigns)





Of course, all of these service offerings are in support of a single objective: good design. Mindspan additionally offers complete design services in the following areas:


- Web Design

- iOS App Design for iPhone and iPad Mobile Devices

- Objective-C Application Design for Apple Computers

- Database Schema Design and Implementation

- Advertising & Marketing Campaign Design:

- Photographic

- Video

- Textual

- Graphic

- Branding



For more information on these or any other components of Mindspan's service offering, please feel free to to email or call 1-877-MNDSPAN from 9am-5pm Pacific.

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Mindspan is dedicated to providing technology solutions designed to connect your business with its customers in an engaging manner. Focused on converting prospective clients to paying customers, Mindspan works with vendors to ensure their commercial success.


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